Youtube Virgin.

I think I am nuts! 

But I actually made a youtube video about my second hand Candles By Victoria haul! I just love watching all those Candles by Victoria videos so in a moment of insanity, I recorded a video on my Macbook and posted it up on youtube. I probably sound really moronic so don’t flame me!

*whispers. Hope you enjoyed my very first video…


I have been burning a little bit of Sweet Potato Pie. Like really really little, probably around 1/8 of the entire tart? All I did was scrape of a little wax and dumped it into my tart burner. It’s probably the smallest amount of wax I have ever burned. So here I am, frantically typing my paper when I suddenly hear my neighbours say “do you smell something?” “yeah, it’s really sweet!” I must emphasise that I am burning a really tiny amount of wax and in an enclosed room with a big heavy door that is shut but yet my neighbours somehow can smell it in the hallway! That’s awesome scent throw!

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