Two Thousand Views + A Life Update

I was just clicking through the statistics on my wordpress dashboard when suddenly I realised that my blog have surpassed 2000 page views! This is super duper exciting because I never expected to reach 2000 so fast! I just posted in July that I reached 1000 views, and it took me about 8 months to get from 0 to 1000. But for 2000, it only took me about two months!

I hope this means that I am doing something right with this blog. I really like blogging about my bath & body hauls, doing scent reviews and products reviews. I know I am not the most on-time reviewer but I really like to give the products a long trial before I do any review so that’s probably why I take so long to upload those reviews. Thank you everybody for your support and for reading this blog. Seeing my stats jump is an amazing thing and the biggest encouragement you can give me! Here’s to the next 1000! 🙂

If you are a regular reader of the blog (assuming that I do have regular readers!), you may have realised a dearth in posts lately. That’s because honours year at college have been hitting me hard. I have been slaving over readings and essays while trying to get enough sleep and maintain a bit of a social life. And my body is hitting the brakes because I have been having stomach upsets and on Sunday, I fell sick with a fever that went as high as 39 degrees (102 degrees fahrenheit). I have never had as high as temperature as that in the last five years. Thank goodness,  I recovered after taking some paracetamol and having a good long sleep. It really scared me that I may have gotten H1N1!

I am really hustling to get all my work done by Thursday because I have a full plate of activities coming up! On Thursday night, I am meeting up with friends for a big buffet dinner. Then on Friday, it’s the Singapore Grand Prix Practice 1 & 2 with my friends. Whoohoo! On Saturday, it’s my cousin’s wedding and on Sunday, I am going to be parked on my couch watching the Singapore Grand Prix. It’s going to be awesome, I can’t wait!!

I am currently waiting on two packages from Cleanse Your Soul and Bissy’s Boutique! Yes, both of them shipped last week and I was hoping to get them on Saturday but they didn’t turn up so they should be coming sometime this week. Hopefully it’s waiting on my desk at home already! I have been waiting forever for them! I can’t wait to get them and show them to everybody! Everytime I check what I ordered, I always wish it was in my hands already!

On that note, I think it’s best to go back to my work. I have errands to run and two essays to complete! Wish me luck!

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