This Will Make Your Lips But Better!

Your Lips But Better is a one-woman lipbalm factory run by my friend Jen and assisted by her adorable Miss Gigi. I met Jen as part of the Vox mineral makeup community. One day she decided that instead of buying balms, why not make her own instead and Your Lips But Better was born. All of Jen’s balms, lotion and fragrance sticks are individually hand poured and made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

I received my Your Lips But Better package while I was in Macau. When I arrived home from the airport, as tired as I was, I immediately tore into the package. Jen packaged everything prettily and included some business cards as well. I love the look of her cards. It portrays a really fun, professional and clean image.

The package smelled amazing because of the Mint Lemonade soap freebie that Jen included in my package. It was a really huge soap too. If you look closer, the design of it is a bee on a honeycomb. So adorable. It’s sitting on my desk right now and I honestly cannot stop smelling the soap. Luckily I bought a fragrance balm in the same scent and I can bring it along with me to sniff or refresh myself. More about the fragrance balm later…

I got a fragrance balm in Mint Lemonade (the only flavour offered at the moment) and 4 lipbalms in Green Apple, Raspberry Mocha, Toffee Nut Mocha and Cookies & Cream. Jen included another freebie lipbalm in Fruit Salad. Have I said how much I love the freebies? Two full size items! Now that’s what I call generous!

Each balm smells delicioussss! I can definitely smell the mocha in the coffee balms and there’s this really fresh fruity smell from Fruit Salad. All the scents are spot on and very pure. They apply very nicely too. It has just enough to moisturise but it won’t turn your lips into an oil slick. I will do more detailed reviews of the lipbalm and their scents in an upcoming post!

Jen also shrinks wrap every lipbalm individually and the shrink wrap is designed to be torn off only at the cap so the rest of the balm is still protected by the plastic. I really do appreciate the gesture but it’s quite difficult to remove them initially although it tears pretty cleanly afterwards.

If I run out of lipbalms, I am definitely going to get more from Jen! Her international shipping charges are reasonable, her products are excellent, she includes gifts and is thoughtful in her entire formulation and production process. What more can you ask for?

2 Responses to “This Will Make Your Lips But Better!”

  1. 1 jenfer June 24, 2009 at 9:23 am

    Thank you! Can I hire you as my PR and I will pay you in lip balms? haha. I know and agree that it’s hard to rip the shrink wrap initially. I have to use my swiss army little scissor to cut a slit and then it’s easy to tear it off. For me it’s just a little extra step and no biggie for me. I am glad you like your goodies. 😀 Thanks again! ❤

    • 2 mmichellee June 24, 2009 at 11:07 am

      LOL! may not be ethical but i will definitely love to review any new products that you produce in future!

      i used my scissors to cut a little slit then tear it away too!

      no problem, there will be another post coming up on the scents and review of the product itself so look out for it. i am aiming to get it done sometime this week! 🙂

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