Not Another CYS Haul!

Why, yes, it is!

I can’t help it. CYS products are so addictive and their scent lists is a mile long which means that my favourites list is about half a mile. Every time they have a good sale, I just can’t help but take advantage of it! This time, it was the $3 roll on sale. Now I am a huge sucker for roll ons because some import/export law (or whatever) doesn’t allow for perfumes to be shipped so roll ons are the only option for me if I want to get fragrances. And plus they are so small and portable which makes for easy dabbing throughout the day.

Here are some of my initial thoughts of the products. More comprehensive reviews will come later. I promise!

Bambina (Hair Protein Mist) – This is really weird but it smells like almond jelly! I don’t detect any vanilla, peach, violets or sugar. I haven’t sprayed it in my hair yet though, just sniffing from the bottle. Anyone can help me on this?

Americana (Sample Soap) – A fruity vanilla! I can’t wait to use this in the bath.

Monet’s Garden (3-in-1) – I would never have thought to try this scent but it’s the perfect floral bath scent! I think this would work great when used as a bubble bath! Freebie!

I adore the roll ons. They are such a vibrant blue which means I will never miss them when I dump them together with the rest! I got the perfumer’s alcohol formulation this time. Next time, I will try the rest! (Heh, already plotting another order!)

Blue Like Jazz (Roll On) – At first, I smelled a lot of musk when I first received it but after letting it sit around for a day, the blueberries are coming out. The combination of blueberries, musk and amber makes this a very grown up fruit scent. Like what the description says, you just have to trust Judy on this and I am so glad I did! I can really see myself wearing this a lot!

Peach Sweet Tea (Roll On) – Wow, the tea note is really realistic! It really feels like there’s a drink in front of me! My mouth is actually reacting to the scent even though I know it’s not a real drink!

Caribbean Carnivale (Roll On)
– This immediately made me think of Jawbreakers! The scent is so identical, it’s uncanny! There’s that sweet powderiness after your jawbreaker has gotten small enough to bite into! I love this!

Green Apple Chamomile (Tart) – I adore this! The green apple is tart and tangy but the chamomile softens it to make it really pretty. I am looking forward to burning this!

Hawaiian Rain (Tart) – Very sweet and fresh. It’s going to make another great room scent.

Happy Birthday Cupcakes (Tart)
– Very buttery, cakey scent. There’s a tinge of lemonade as well but I think I will have to burn it to get the full scent.

Apricot Cream Puff (Tart) – Really sweet apricots, I detect a little pastry, I think it will come out more during the burn as well. This was a freebie!

I made my order on Apr 6, got my CnS on Apr 23 and received the package on Apr 30. 7 days from the US to Singapore is pretty darned fast especially when it’s inclusive of a weekend. The box smelled divine and Judy packed them really nicely with those styrofoam packing nuts. Judy included a jelly snail which will be my midnight snack. Ha ha ha!

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