OMG! Seriously, I cannot believe how much money I spent at The Body Shop warehouse sale earlier this evening. How much? Well, like $200.90!! Two hundred dollars and ninety cents!

my brain was going like Jeez! Ohmygod! Woah! when I saw the cash register ringing up the final total! I was really terrified when I saw the total but I had a really great time at the sale. Singaporeans, you really have to check out the sale if you like their stuff or just feel like dropping a bundle! I got to the sale at 6pm and I had to queue for over 30mins just to get in. After getting in, I think I spent 45mins jostling my way through the displays with the other ladies, some of them are crazyyy! I just went through aisles and aisles of products and it’s really hypnotic the way I just threw stuff in my bag. Somehow you don’t care about price and you just keep going on and on! And after getting the stuff I wanted, I had to queue another 30-45mins queuing for the checkout. I made good use of those waiting times though, I actually completed one set of readings while waiting.

So you are probably wondering what I spent those money on right? Here’s the picture of my BIGGEST HAUL EVERRRR!

Not all of the stuff are mine, the last row of products is my mum’s. She wanted volumizing hair products and a body shimmer product so I got the entire range of Guarana Berry hair products, shampoo, conditioner and mousse. And the last one is a Neroli Jasmine shimmer mist. Altogether they were only $45.60. The full retail price is $74.60, so almost $30 off! I think this is still a pretty new range so the prices weren’t slashed as deeply.

The rest of the products from left to right:

Middle Row:

White Gardenia Body Mist, $9.90
Gently Purify Body Wash, 2 for $10
Almond Hand & Nails Cream, 2 for $10
Strawberry/Satsuma Body Polish, 2 for $10
Mandarin Orchid/Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion, 2 for $14.90 (U.P. $39.80)
Olive Glossing Shampoo, $9.90 (U.P. $24.90)
Uplifting Mandarin Body Wash, $9.90
Cranberry Body Wash Holiday Edition, 2 for $12.90

Front Row:

Jojoba Day Cream, $12.90
Spa Wisdom Monoi Moisture Balm, 2 for $10 ($38.90 for a 200ml! Mine is 50ml each!)
10 assorted travel size bottles [Honey Moisturing Shampoo and Conditioner, Satsuma Puree, Strawberry Puree Body Lotion, Shea Bath Cream, Almond Oil Conditioning Hand Wash, 2 X Tea Tree Oil Hand Cleanse Gel, Seaweed Clarifying Toner and Tea Tree Oil Toner], 5 for $10.

Front Front Row:

Blush, $14.90
Eye Definer: $5 (U.P. $18.90)
Limited Edition Eye Colour, $5 (U.P. $18.90)

Honestly, there were such a great deal but I was a little disappointed with some stuff like White Musk. I thought they used to be great but they smelled really crappy! And there were no more perfume oils, only the Patchouli scent which is ugh! And I saw an Apple Blossom body lotion, I really wanted it because I am a great Apple fan but I honestly hated that scent!

I am pretty sure I am stocked up all the way till 2010! And I think I am going to be on no-buy till that time as well. People, don’t tempt me with sales! Saveeee yourselffff!

(But if you do want to go check out the sale, it runs till the 14 March, at Suntec City Convention Hall Level 3 and is open from 11am-8pm. Do try to get there as early as you can because of the ridiculous waiting time. I think the last batch of ladies that got admitted was around 730 because they closed the hall by 750. So the very latest you can get there is 645-7!)

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