Because I’m The Princess! Are You?

This has got to be one of my favourite packages of all time. Firstly, it came at a really difficult time for me and my family. We recently lost both my paternal grandparents. They died within two weeks of each other, which is a comfort because they now have each other for company wherever they are. Secondly, BITP’s package was literally cheerfulness all wrapped up! On the envelope, Kelly pasted little stickers of Dora and and the products arrived all individually wrapped in pretty cellophane plastic, with curly ribbons on them. And they were handwrapped individually! I checked! Thirdly, the package arrived freaking fast. It left Florida on 28 January and arrived in Singapore on 5 Feb. That’s 6 working days + 1 weekend. Normally, packages take 8 working days + 1 weekend. I secretly suspect that Kelly pasted fairy wings on them.

Lookies at my entire haul!

And here’s what the wrappings look like. Isn’t it so adorableee? *squeals!

Sniff Me Samples in Sandalwood Vanilla, Not So Shy Violet and 6.5 Feet Under

3pack of 5ml Roll Ons in Vanilla Bean Noel (totally need this to complement my CYS hair mist), Covet, Lovely (both SJP dupes). Kelly threw a freebie of Violet Crumble Cheesecake, which smells divine.

3pack Body Mists in Vanilla Abricot (CSP dupe), Carribean Fruit Smoothie and the highly raved Cherish. The extra bottle is Downey Clean Breeze dupe which is a freebie for orders above $25. I thought I could use for scenting my clothes in the dryer.

3pack Hair Mists in Ms Marshmallow Goes Tropical, Sugar Dipped Limes and Silhouette

And a 2oz scrub in Apple of My Pie, which was to make my order up to $25. This scent is amazinggg! I smell tangy baked apples and cinnamon. Love love love!

Besides amazing products, Kelly has amazing CS. And I really mean AMAZINGI was having some family problems during the time of her sale and I couldn’t order until the very last day. I also couldn’t get my paypal funds in time before the close of the sale so I emailed her asking is it ok for me to email her my order and send me the paypal invoice so that I wouldn’t miss the sales and that I could have time to get the funds and pay her once I got it. She replied really fast and agreed to it!

We also started a little email chat back and forth because I had a few questions about her tarts and in the course of it she was so nice to inform me of the status of my package. I believed she had my package packed less than a day after I paid the bill! I was pretty shocked because her TAT was stated as 2-12 days so I was expecting a bit of a wait. She also kindly told me that one of the scents I had ordered had been discontinued and asked me to choose another, she even gave me scent recs for scents similar to the one that I had originally chosen.

BITP is definitely a place I will go back to. And that’s a promise!

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