Holiday Hauls Part Four: Bathed & Infused

Finally, this is the last edition of Holiday Hauls! I promised myself that I would get everything up before the end of 2008 because by 2009, I think the excitement would have worn off! (Quick divert, I can’t believe it’s almost 2009! Scaryy)

So this Bathed & Infused haul was by far the biggest ever order I have placed at any e-tailer. How big? Let’s just say the final amount I paid was in THREE DIGITS! But in my defence, all of it was not for me, the bulk of it were gifts for my family and my best friends. Hey, I figure I should spread the love right? 🙂

First, let me say this. I know that B&I is not the cheapest e-tailer around (in terms of product prices and shipping) and I probably spent a lot more money that I should have. But I do think that they are one of the more classy and reliable retailers with very professional packaging which alone makes it worth the money spent. Since most of what I was ordering would be gifts, I definitely wanted them to be presentable and gift-y looking.

I ordered on 30 November and my order was shipped out via Priority Mail International on 3 December. Curtis actually emailed me to inform me about the day my package shipped out! Not just a shipping notice, but a personal email! I was really impressed by that! I received my order on 12 December, only 7 business days!

Look at my big box full of smelliesss…

front view.

side view

Another personal touch that I really appreciate from B&I. Through our email conversations, Curtis knew that most of the items were going to be gifts and he was so nice to write a little note on my sale receipt! I love this little touches, makes me feel like they were thinking of me when they packed my order!

My goodies all nicely cushioned with brown paper! The box contains the bigger 4oz bottles and my sample pots while the ones outside were mostly 2oz mists and HDHCs.

My entire order! The Bathed&Infused logo next to the paddles is a magnet, a little freebie gift!

Closeups of the 4oz Tea-infused Body Washes and Body Lotions. I got two body lotions and one body wash!

Roll Ons! Only Funeral is for me, the other two is for my Mum’s birthday (which was yesterday, Happy Birthday Mum!)

Honey Dream Hand Cream, 2 for Mummy, 1 for Aunt and 1 for cousin.

2oz Body Mists and only two out of this whole army is for me!

Sample pots, ALL MINEEEE!

Although most of them are gifts, I stole a couple of uses out of each so that I can do scent reviews, so do look out for them! Well, that concludes my holiday hauls series! I hope you enjoyed looking at them! I definitely enjoyed myself and I am pretty sure B&B is going to be my 2009 addiction of choice after receiving all these hauls! :)))

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