I Just Can’t Stop!

Just lately, my favourite song has been Closer by Ne-Yo. I know this song has been around for awhile but I only got to know it after watching monologues from The Ellen Degeneres Show (love love love the show!). And if you know the song, the most addictive part of the songs is “I just can’t stop, I just can’t stop”! Well, I really can’t stop…

making orders at Cleanse Your Soul, that is!!

I just placed my second order at CYS, about a week of my first order arriving. That $5 international shipping is just so addictive! I really have been doing too much online shopping lately but I am consoling myself with the thought that I probably can’t buy next year, not if the American dollars goes up to $1.8 against the Singapore dollar, therefore I should buy more. Well you know, any excuse you can get for shopping, you use it!

I had another very pleasant conversation with Judy regarding the size of the items and the box. She’s so nice and always replies super fast. This time I also asked some questions regarding some scents and asked for recommendations for citrus/tropical scents. After reading through her recommendations and constantly changing my mind to get the best combination of foodie and citrus scents in my order, this is the final version!

* Goat’s Milk and Honey Cream (2oz), in Blood Orange Lime Fizz [Tart, juicy blood oranges blend perfectly with limes…but when you combine it with a splash of 7-up, it’s magical!] At first, I thought of reordering either the Body Milk or the Creamy Oil but there’s a bit of a base scent so I decided to try the other moisturizers to decide which one doesn’t have base scents if I decide to order bigger sizes in future. Blood Orange Lime Fizz is also a recommendation of Judy’s, since I heard great stuff about her Blood Orange scent, this scent was a no brainer in my order!

* Aloe Smooth Lotion (2oz), in Lemon Marshmallow Wafers [Vanilla wafers sandwiched with a layer of our lemon marshmallow cream]
A highly raved scent on the MUA forums, how could I stay away from it?!

* Hair Protein Mist (2oz), in Vanilla Bean Noel [Bath and body works dupe (but better!) Delicious vanilla with caramel] Although I just received the BI dupe of VBN, the CYS dupe is apparently amazing as well so I thought if my body is going to smell good, then my hair should match up as well!

* Sample Sized Soaps X 2,
in Joyful and Triumphant [Eggnog with extra cream, accompanied by a vanilla buttercream frosted sugar cookie]
This one is purely because I have always been curious about what eggnog is and how it will smell like. I wiki-ed it and it sounds very creamy and foody. I hope I won’t be disappointed!

in Yuzu Coconut [Amazing blend of tangy yuzu and creamy coconut] I actually wanted to try Cranberry Yuzu or Yuzu Caramel Tart but when Judy had this in her recommendations, I chose this instead. I have no idea how Yuzu smells like and I only wanted a Yuzu scent because I recently fell in love with the Japanese band Yuzu and I wanted something in honour of them! I am weird like that! I am really curious about how the yuzu and coconut scents will meld together.

* Tart in Warm Apple Cream [Crisp red apples, sprinkled with brown sugar topped with rich vanilla cream] I tossed the tart in my cart because I had a couple of dollars left in my paypal account. No point leaving that minuscule amount in there, might as well use it! After reading the MUA boards, I am getting interested in tarts, like I need another outlet to waste my hard earned money teaching kids. Lol.

Remember, the $5 shipping offer will be on until 31 December, that’s like 3 days! Go go goooo!!

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