Hello! It’s been awhile!

Hi everybody, if there’s anybody still reading this. I know it’s been a long time since I have blogged. I have been fairly busy for the first half of the year and since I have been on nobuy, it’s been difficult finding a topic to blog about.

I am thinking of reviving this blog soon because I just came back from Korea with a whole bunch of skincare that I am currently using.

If I do revive the blog, I will probably change it up a bit, moving it towards a more lifestyle direction rather than just focusing on bath/beauty. I have always been interested in interior design and lately have been picking up on photography as well. With all these new interests, it just seems right that I incorporate more of these into my blogging.

So for now, I will just post up my Use it up list for the past few months, mainly tarts, and get back to thinking about how best to use this platform to represent my interests! I hope to see you around still!

CYS Orange Powdered Linen
LB Wedding Cake shea cream
SSS Bartlett Pear
CYS Coconut Raspberry Mocha
Lush Sultana of Soap soap
Bissy’s Jamaican Vanilla Cafe
CYS Sugared Apple Vanilla
CYS Kumquat Cranberry
CBV Wildberry Scone
CYS Heavenly Peace Body Milk
CYS Disney Dreams
LB Blood Orange Cocomilk

January Use It Up!

CYS Pineapple Jasmine tart
BB Poison Pie tart
CYS Strawberry Lemonade Cooler tart
CYS Boston tart
Mandom Cleansing Express
SSS Green Tea tart
BI Pink Panther 2oz Body Lotion
CYS Vanilla Cola tart

Back to School Haul + Gifts.

hello everybody! i am back with a quick quick video of my back to school shopping haul! i think i am going to try and record more videos because it’s faster and easier that way rather that taking photographs and writing up descriptions. i don’t have much time nowadays! sorry! the next video i am going to do is my luna bleu tarts order which came like ages ago, i have recorded a few videos about it but i was never happy about the quality soo…yeah.

so anyways here’s a quick video to reassure you all i am still alive and well!

I am leaving for…

See you after Christmas :))

Mad City Soap + Bookdepository Haul!

Hey you guys!

How’s everything been going? For me, the semester has ended and it’s officially the December holidays! Instead of relaxing, I actually went back to work at the Museum because they hired me officially to work on an exhibition that’s opening next year. It’s been awesome back in the Museum. I feel very productive, working hard and earning some spending money of my own. This will explain why I went a little crazy during the Black Friday sales! Out of my Christmas list, the only ones left are my father and brother to shop for. They are the most difficult ones! Hopefully, inspiration will strike soon enough.

Anywayyyy…this post is not to ramble. I am here to share two of the orders that I made during Black Friday. I finally ordered from Mad City Soap, after lemming for them for, like, at least a year. And I am extremely happy with my order!

Here’s my youtube video of the haul. + I talk about my haul from bookdepository.co.uk (which arrived today!) It’s a really awesome e-bookshop that I cannot recommend enough! It has free shipping and the lowest prices for books I have seen! That should be enough to tempt you right? 🙂 The links are all in the sidebar of the video!

First Ever Mad City Sue Order

Mad City Sue was another etailer that had a sale on Black Friday, the promotion was for 20% off most products in her etsy store. But what made MCS so special that I had to purchase from her? Because she rarely has sales and I have been lemming for her products ever since one of my good friends, Inan, reviewed about her products on her blog! MCS has been around the etailer scene for a long long time and I have yet to see a negative review about her customer service or her products!

After browsing through her scent and product list, I decided to make a custom order of:

Two 4oz sugar scrubs in Peppermint Bark and Carmelized Pralines
Two 4oz shower parfait cream soaps in Orange Buttercream Latte and Vanilla Bean Boysenberry

Don’t they sound just so yummy already? When I saw Peppermint Bark and Carmelized Pralines, I wondered if they were the same scents that Candles by Victoria carried and have already garnered so many positive reviews on youtube. The scent descriptions are very similar and the names are identical. Hopefully they are because these two sound absolutely delicious!

I can’t wait till they get here and it seems they are going to be here very soon because I just received an Etsy convo from Sue that my order is completed and ready to be shipped out tomorrow via Priority International Mail. Yay!

The sale may be over but you can still check out her holiday scents, they sound divine and I had a hard time paring them down to just four!

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/madcitysue

Southern Alchemy Candles

Southern Alchemy is a small candle business based in Tennessee. The owner, Marcee, has set up storefronts on both her own website and Etsy. She also has a pretty active facebook  and twitter accounts where she announces specials and what’s going on in her life and her business. Recently she tried out a new special where a limited number of gift certificates priced at $10 but was actually worth $20 was put on sale on both her Etsy page and her website. I immediately jumped on the offer because I have been lemming for candles for quite awhile since she’s one of the few candle etailers that provides international shipping. Unfortunately I only had enough paypal funds for one GC 😦 But that’s ok, because Marcee was nice enough to let me combine my GC with the Facebook 20% discount and the Holiday 20% sale that was on-going as well. I actually saved myself a lot more money that if I had shopped at her Black Friday 40% Sale!

Yes, you heard that right! Southern Alchemy is having a 40% off sale for Black Friday! The sale runs till 1 December! I think it’s probably one of the more awesome deals available. And even if you miss her sale, she has a Holiday 20% sale running as well!

Southern Alchemy currently has three types of candle scents to choose from – holiday, signature and exotic. All of them sounded so yummy that I had to choose something from all three lists!

I ordered 5 candles in:

White Christmas
Fresh Cut Christmas Tree
Apple Maple Ginger
Coco Mango
White Chocolate Coffee

And 3 wax melts in:

Star Fruit Pavlova
Bourbon Vanilla
Sea Salt Caramel

Unfortunately not all the candles are for me. At least two of them will be going to my Aunt and I ordered them with the retro Christmas labels that I think would go perfectly with her holiday decorations! I am really looking forward to my first ever etailer candles! Here are all the links for Southern Alchemy, the sale is so worth it, everyone should at least take a look. I am including the link to her blog as well because she has really interesting blog entries about the way she runs her business and her daily activities, it’s so fun to check out what’s going on behind the scenes of etailers.

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/southernalchemy
Store: http://shopalchemy.com/
Blog: http://southernalchemy.blogspot.com/

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